Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Almeda understand the importance of corporate social responsibility, in that it is an integral part of the way we carry out our business.  We understand the balance that is required to be struck between meeting our core values whilst caring for the best interests of our employees, our customers, our suppliers, the wider community, health & safety and the environment.  We understand the requirement for our business to make a positive contribution to the wider economy, the society in which we work and the environment in which we operate in, beyond carrying out our legal and contractual obligations.

Almeda’s aim is to create a balance that satisfies the business’ core values. These are: 

We create raving fans through service.

We build positive teams and a family spirit.

We care about the health and wellbeing of people, property and our environment.

We are passionate, determined and trustworthy.

We deliver the personal touch, every time.

We strive for personal and professional growth.

We also must satisfy the needs of our stakeholders and interested parties that are affected by the ongoing work being undertaken. These include; customers, suppliers, banks, insurance, government, environment, the Chairman, MD, staff and colleagues.

Ethical Sourcing – The directors of Almeda are committed to an Ethical Sourcing Policy. We have committed to abide by the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI Base Code).

Customer Policy – Almeda are committed to providing our customers with high quality service which exceeds their expectations: this is detailed within our Customer Policy.

Equal Opportunities, Increased Skills and Knowledge – Almeda is committed to a policy of equal opportunities for all employees, workers and applicants and shall always adhere to such a policy.   Almeda offers training for professional and personal development. 

Health and Safety – Almeda always focus on having a safe and healthy workplace and workforce in line with our Health, Safety & Environmental Policy and to our BSI 145001 accreditation.  Almeda provide support for physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Environment – Almeda focus on our environmental impact and ensure that we always operate as sustainably as possible. Examples of this are:

  • Carbon Neutral status via CNB Certification
  • Recycling of waste.
  • Monitoring fleet emissions via fuel cards and offsetting. Where practicably affordable we will include the use of electric vehicles within the Fleet.
  • Encouraging lift share schemes (where applicable).
  • Using sustainable photocopy paper (HO).
  • Using environmentally friendly cleaning products in our cleaning contracts.

Community/Charity Initiatives – Almeda are keen to recognise and support initiatives where we can and commit to identifying causes to support.  Almeda supports initiatives for staff to donate their time for community-based projects.

Data Protection – Almeda are committed to respecting the privacy of the people we come into contact with regardless of their relationship with us.  We ensure we are compliant with GDPR.  Refer to the Information Security Policy.


Almeda’s QHSE Manager assumes responsibility for corporate social responsibility, supported by the Managing Director, General Manager and Directors.

Relevant Documentation

Although not exhaustive, the corporate social responsibility policy should be read in conjunction with the following policies: Almeda Purchasing Policy, Almeda SHE Policy, Almeda Customer Policy, Almeda Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy, Almeda Ethical Sourcing Policy and Almeda Quality Policy.

Queries and Updates

The Policy is maintained by Almeda’s Technical/QHSE team and will be publicised throughout the company on shared company folders and company web site.  It will be made available to external parties on request. 

The policy has been approved by Almeda’s Managing Director.

This policy will be updated annually; additionally we may carry out additional updates from time to time; any material updates or changes to this Policy will be communicated. 

B Savage-George, Managing Director
Review date March 2025

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