Ethical Sourcing (Modern Slavery &
Bribery) Policy

Conducting our business ethically

We, the directors of Almeda Facilities Limited, are committed to an ethical sourcing policy to ensure that workers globally are protected from unhygienic, unacceptable, unsafe or exploitative conditions. 

What’s important to our business

Almeda understand the importance of corporate social responsibility which includes doing business in an ethical and sustainable way.  We know this can only happen if a set of core ethics and practices are an integral part of the way we carry out our business. 

We understand the balance that is required to be struck between meeting our core values whilst caring for the best interests of our employees, our customers, our suppliers, the wider community, health & safety and the environment. 

We understand the requirement for our business to make a positive contribution to the wider economy, the society in which we work and the environment in which we operate in, beyond carrying out our legal and contractual obligations.

Almeda will respect the environment and only work with suppliers and contractors who share this value.

Our Core Procurement Criteria

The directors of Almeda are committed to abide by the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI Base Code).

Whenever possible, when Almeda Facilities Limited enter into a commitment with a supplier, that as a minimum, the following criteria are met:

  • Fair Trade practices, goods, and services are observed
  • We source office and sales products from sustainable sources
  • Using forest products that have been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
  • Demanding commitment to the welfare of all staff in the supply chain, including overseas
  • Keeping customers well informed of our business practices
  • Not using bribery or supporting corruption in our business dealings (in accordance with Bribery Act 2010).
  • Demanding animal welfare is observed and standing against animal testing or vivisection
  • We will exhibit a willingness to help suppliers improve the quality control of their produce and to improve their own practices (through knowledge transfer)
  • Making health and safety of all staff and suppliers a top priority
  • Respecting the environment

Almeda Facilities Limited feels that this sets out our commitment to ethical sourcing and makes it clear, that as an organisation, ethical standards are of the up most importance to us.

It is the policy of Almeda Facilities that all suppliers and subcontractors will be selected and approved for use by way of our Vendor Assessment process, this process shall ensure that:

  • The supplier is capable of supplying the product or service to the standard required
  • The supplier employs, either directly or indirectly, staff who are competent in the delivery of the service
  • The supplier conforms with statutory and regulatory requirements relevant to the service provided
  • The supplier holds and maintains appropriate professional qualifications and insurances for the service or product supplied
  • The supplier is providing a product or service in line with our Ethical Sourcing policy

Where a supplier is nominated by a customer based on preference or sole ability to provide the service or product, the vendor assessment process will still be followed and as a minimum documented standards of health and safety practice and statutory and regulatory compliance will be evidenced before approval.

Vendor assessments will be reviewed annually as a minimum.

We do not sign supplier’s terms of trade without specific approval from the Operations Director or appointed representative.

Almeda Facilities Limited feels that this sets out our commitment to ethical sourcing and makes it clear, that as an organisation, ethical standards are of the up most importance to us.

Queries and Updates

The Policy is maintained by Almeda’s Technical/QHSE team and will be publicised throughout the company on shared company folders.  It will be made available to external parties on request. 

The policy has been approved by Almeda’s Managing Director.

This policy will be updated annually; additionally, we may carry out additional updates from time to time; any material updates or changes to this Policy will be communicated. 

B Savage-George, Managing Director
Review date March 2025

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